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Ikebana with kids: A fun summer holiday activity

This week, I decided to let the kids do the flower arranging. I just happened to be passing through the flower department of the supermarket, as you do, and noticed that they were very cheap, so I bought some. When my daughter got home from school she was very excited to see a bucket of flowers sitting there waiting and asked if she could do some flower arrangement. So I thought, hey I didn’t have anything in particular planned for the flowers so why not let the kids have a go.

IMG_8776For ikebana with kids, it’s best not to use a pin holder, so I gave them plastic bowls with floral foam in them. No stress. Since my son is not quite 2 yet, we didn’t use scissors, I just broke the flowers or pre-cut them into manageable sizes.


They were so excited about getting to do their own arrangements and I was extremely surprised how long it held their attention, too. Especially my son who is, well not even 2 yet. He was the last man standing!

So here are some photos of the transformation of the flowers, best 1,000 yen I’ve spent on my kids for a while.




The finished products: Amelia (5) on the left and Hugo (1yr10m) on the right.


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