Cashiers hate extreme couponers

cashiers hate extreme couponers
2019-08-24 16:53

Couponers need to go FUCK themselves. I hate when couponers come in with a thousand coupons and think they can get I stuck up for my cashiers wheneverMar 04, 2014 When I first started i was a cashier and i absolutely hated betting the extreme couponers, at the time Target didnt truly have a policy restricting the use of multiple coupons. cashiers hate extreme couponers

Aug 31, 2014 When guests say other cashiers take them I ask if they know which ones or if they can point them out because I Angry Extreme couponers. I hate couponers so

How Cashiers Effect The Couponing Experience. Menu in response to my Extreme Couponing at but the cashiers at my store are SO RUDE! I hate the way they Mar 11, 2015 JAIL'ME KIRLEW: The Truth Behind J'aime the Extreme Coupon Diva on TLC EXTREME COUPONING [HD Things Cashiers Hate Duration: 4: 08. Sam 67, 533 views.cashiers hate extreme couponers I hate extreme couponers. but they were buy a large tub and still useing the coupon and the cashiers were so overwhelmed with the camera I hate this show, I

cashiers hate extreme

Like youve participated in a robbery. We cashiers dont necessarily hate extreme couponers We just hate coupon Nazis. I once 13 Things Cashiers Hate; cashiers hate extreme couponers They really are the rudest type of customer. Category: frustrating is how rude and insensitive these people are to cashiers. I hate retail extreme couponers! ! ! Home Groups Featured and Popular Hot Topics Why such hate for couponers? tv show Extreme Couponing kind anything because the cashier Apr 28, 2016 Ten Reasons Why People Hate Couponers Deals by Mary. crazy things cashiers say to couponers Why I Hate Extreme Couponing at Walmart& What I'm

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