Demography deals with the study of

demography deals with the study of
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statistical study of human pop. demography helps us. understand causes and consequences of pop change. these help demographers predictDemography is the study of human populations their size, composition and distribution across space and the process through which populations change. demography deals with the study of

Formal demography limits its object of study to the measurement of population processes, while the broader field of social demography or population studies also analyses the relationships between economic, social, cultural, and biological processes influencing a population.

In demography (the branch of statistics that deals with the study of populations) a Lexis diagram (named after economist and social scientist Wilhelm Lexis) is a two dimensional diagram that is used to represent events (such as births or deaths) that occur to individuals belonging to different cohorts. How can the answer be improved?demography deals with the study of The study of demography is important as it allows us to study the nature in which our population changes over time, and this is important as it allows us to study how changes to the population, such as the aging population phenomenon we are witnessing, can lead to a decrease in GDP and also an increase in mechanisation of jobs and production in

Demography Demography is a broad social science discipline concerned with the study of human populations. Demography deals with the collection, presentation and analysis of data relating to the basic lifecycle events and experiences of people: birth, marriage, divorce, household and family formation, employment, ageing, migration and death. demography deals with the study of A broad study of demography studies both qualitative and quantitative aspects of population. Brackley Demography does not deal with the behaviour of individuals but only with the aggregate of people. Historical demography is the quantitative study of human population in the past. It is concerned with population size, with the three basic components of population changefertility, mortality, and migration, and with population characteristics related to those components, such as marriage, socioeconomic status, and the configuration of families. Demography is the study of statistics What is demography The OED defines demography as that branch of anthropology which deals with the The importance of demography lies in its contribution to helping government and society better prepare to deal for the issues and demands of population growth, aging and migration. The statistics and predictions resulting from demographic studies can, for example, aid in the development of adequate

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