Coupon worth 1 100 of a cent

coupon worth 1 100 of a cent
2019-08-19 07:28

Find great deals on eBay for 50 cent coupons. 25 ORGANICVILLE COUPONS WORTH 50 CENTS OFF ANY PRODUCT CARD COUPONS HUNDREDS INCLUDING 1; 1, 5, 10, 50 CENTSWOWHow was 120 of one cent determined as the cash value of a coupon? As in, this coupon is worth 1100th of a cent? Can you actually turn in 20 coupons for 1 cent? coupon worth 1 100 of a cent

May 14, 2007  As an incentive for stores to redeem coupons the manufacturers reimburse the stores the face value of the coupon plus 1100th of a cent per coupon.

Thus, you see coupons that are worth 110th, 120th, or 1100th of a cent. So Can I Round Up 20 Coupons and Get a Penny? In theory, yes. Its hard to find reliable, concrete examples of someone schlepping in a hundred coupons to swap them out for a penny, but the web is full of anecdotes in which people test the fine print by trading The next time a coupon shows up in your mail, take a look at the fine print. Theres a pretty good chance it will read something to the effect of Cash Value 1100th of a cent. Why in the world is that writing on there? And are 10, 000 copies of this coupon really worth a whole dollar? Lets take a look at this coupon worth 1 100 of a cent Why Do Coupons Have a Cash Value of a Fraction of a the deal the coupon offers is worth way more than a a cash value of onetenth of one cent, or 0. 1.

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Coupons are a little different than trading stamps, of course, but the law is the law. The cash value is set high enough to be legal, but low enough so that nobody will actually bother to collect the things. coupon worth 1 100 of a cent fatcat I'm not sure multiplying is rtheydidthemath worthy unfat Listen J. P. Morgan, you owe me 1100th of a cent for the extra electricity it cost me to render the colors of that hyperlink. Web search information about 20 Cents Off Gas Coupons. 20 Cents Off Gas Coupons Results Related Searches Why are coupons worth 120th of a cent?

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