Can you buy fashion coupons tera

can you buy fashion coupons tera
2019-08-22 15:02

Fashion Coupons are the 'currency' used to purchase costume templates in game. Costumes that can be bought with them are all listed on this site, however, they cannot be used to buy the Cash Shop specific costumes suchDo a festival of the sun quests, you can buy fashion cupons box (200 FC) for 14 tokens, i think you can get 1012 tokens pchar each day. For now it is best way. can you buy fashion coupons tera

May 27, 2015  Buy premium costumes either from EMP store, RNG loot from lootboxes, or buy off the broker directly Fashion coupons can be farmed by killing BAMs or using Instance

Q: Why can't I preview Fashion Coupon outfits in the new Dressing Room? The devs have stated that right now you can only preview outfits from the InGame TERA store, but even items that were previously in the store aren't there. Or, you can collect 400 federation bills to buy 400 fashion coupon loot box from federation bill merchant. Alternatively you can buy them with federation bills 1: 1. The Box only containts 200 Coupons, so you pay 2: 1 (the difference is, the Box is tradeable, beside the Coupons itself).can you buy fashion coupons tera Fashion Coupon Uncommon Combat Now you can get the look of your favorite equipment as costumes, and dye them as you want! TERA logo, images,

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When I check TERA Shop there are only few old skins since Skins (Fashion Coupons) The store is similar but in NA you can buy any can you buy fashion coupons tera May 09, 2015 The only way to get fashion coupons via the cash shop is indirectly, and not very efficiently. There are some lootboxes (like Lucky Cat, HousemaidGoverness, and Inner Armor) that drop a guaranteed amount of 5 Federation Bills. So if you buy those, you can then trade them to Tikat for Fashion Coupons.

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